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Telephone 651-385-4612
2018 - 2019 Counseling Office Newsletter

Students A - K Counselor
Vanessa Jones
Students L - Z Counselor
Heidi Raasch
8th Grade Students Counselor
Robin Pagel
Tina Wronski Grinager
Youth Outreach Liaison
Amy Clites
Intérprete en Español 
Jeimmy Yusty-Rojas


The Red Wing High School counselors serve as student advocates and counselors. The counselors work with students in grade 8 - 12 on a variety of issues including graduation requirements, academic success, attendance concerns, behavior issues, and social adjustment.

The counselors also serve the important role of connecting students with other support services in the school or community. Please feel free to contact the Student Services office with concerns about a student or his/her adjustment to Red Wing High School.

Course Change Form
Students needing to change course assignments should click HERE to download the form.

Transcript Requests
Transcripts may be requested by either coming in person to the Red Wing High School Counseling and Records Office, filling out a transcript request form and paying $2.00 or mailing a signed request giving the graduation date or the approximate date of last attendance, date of birth and the name under which you were enrolled. Mailed requests must include the $2.00 fee.

Click HERE to download a copy of transcript request form.
College Application Process for Seniors :
  1. Obtain a college application from the Career Center or apply online.
  2. Complete the application neatly and thoroughly.
  3. Turn in completed application to the Student Services Office with the application fee and $2 transcript fee

If Applying Online

  1. If you apply online, check for a Counselor Form and print it; this must be turned in with your transcript request.
  2. Include teacher recommendations, if needed.  (Give at least a week’s notice to the people you ask to write recommendations!)
Mental Health Awareness and Resources

Minnesota's Programs of Study Website
A Program of Study is sequence of courses both required and elective; they begin in middle/high school and progress through college/university. The information on this site is intended to help you understand the combinations of courses, currently available at your school, that give you the best preparation for the education/career direction you’d like to explore. It also offers you some idea of program/majors in the pathways at various colleges and universities.

College Entrance/Placement Testing Accommodations
Students with a disability may qualify for accommodations for college entrance or placement exams, such as the Accuplacer, ACT, or SAT.  For details, contact a guidance counselor.